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Does Nonprofit Branding Impact Online Fundraising? The Numbers Are In

Posted by Zak Walters on Apr 4, 2017 2:25:00 PM

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Does it really matter?

Absolutely. How significant of a role it plays may surprise you. As much as branding is an art form, it is also a science - the numbers speak for themselves. Let's investigate how big this impact is in terms of bringing in bigger (and more) donations.

We compared two types of donation pages:

Pages with branding customization (white-labeling enabled) vs. ones that didn't.

I hope you're sitting down for this...

The pages that used white-labeling received

38% Larger Gifts and Donors were 68% more likely to give again.

So you could say branding is kind of a big deal, and there's a reason for it. 

Donor Experience

It's all about donor experience and how you tell your story.

Creating a customized donation page that includes your nonprofit branding is a lot like how a comedian sets up the premise before delivering the punchline. The premise is your branding. The only difference is that you're risking potential donations, which is no laughing matter.

So why is the 'premise' so important? Chris Rock said it best:

“A lot of comedians have great jokes, and they’re like, ‘Why is this not working?’ It’s not working because the audience doesn’t understand the premise. If I set ChrisRockthis premise up right, this joke will always work."

On the surface it may seem like the premise of a joke is being told to you casually and seamlessly without much effort and is just a 'part of the act' - but believe me, that joke has been delivered to many audiences before. It has been hand-crafted and customized by the comedian through experience in order to perfect the punchline delivery and maximize audience laughter.

Similarly, your branding may not feel like a critical component until you take it away or set it up in a way that doesn't support your ask. The goal of your donation page is to help donors understand why they should care.

It all comes together when you make your delivery.

Nonprofit Branding Tips

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using nonprofit branding on your donation pages:

  • Cutting corners cuts donations. If you care about your message, you need to tell it the right way. Settling for a free-to-use platform is going to send the wrong message to your donors. Cheap platforms often don't allow you to customize your donation page in a way that improves donor experience. You may have good intentions with your organization's budget in mind, but it could be costing you donations. Paying for the things you can't afford to lose is a good investment.
  • Embrace your donor's trust. A common obligation is that by referring donors to a donation page without your branding won't affect the results because after all, it's your organization that's sending them the link. That couldn't be further from the truth. Sending donors to a third-party platform disrupts consistency (which we'll talk about next) and forces them to place the trust they have with you in another organization. Let's use PayPal as an example. If a donor previously had a poor user experience with PayPal or if PayPal was in hot water for a poor social corporate responsibility decision, that's going to fall on you. Ultimately, it will play a role in your donor's decision-making process and affect your online fundraising.
  • Consistency is key. The more steps you add in the donation process, the more platforms you use, the more information you require, the less likely you will receive a gift. Make it so easy for your donors to donate that it's impossible for them to get lost in the process. Having the donation process all on one page solves this problem.

The question you need to ask yourself is: 

Are donations that are 38% bigger and 68% more likely to recur worth it?

Imagine if your donors didn't even know they left your website. White-labeling solutions that incorporate your branding on donation pages are something that we specialize in. We're here to help craft the perfect donor experience when you're ready.

What is white-labeling? 

A page without white-labeling uses the branding of the platform you're using, not your own.



A page with white-labeling customizes the donation page and utilizes your branding which means you never have to worry about putting the trust of your donors into question.



Embracing consistency improves the experience. 

Read more about white-labeling and other useful online fundraising topics packed with actionable tips on the WeDidIt Academy

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