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15 Ways To Secure Recurring Donors

Posted by Katrina Hatchett on Feb 12, 2019 11:43:00 AM

15 Ways to Secure Recurring Donors

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Securing donations for your organization is often the key to survival. Securing even single donations can be difficult: convincing people to part ways with their money for (typically) nothing more than a thank you is a tough task. Even more tricky is securing repeat donations.

“If you are able to get yourself a donor who is willing to come back multiple times to give donations, that is a hugely valuable thing. They become a sort of investor in your organization,” says Jorden Boyer, manager at WriteMyx and BritStudent.

So, without further ado, here are 15 methods used to secure donations and, ideally, continue the trend.

1. Make Donations Easy

Utilize an easy-to-use donation site, make it mobile friendly, invest in UX design… All of these are methods for ensuring that you are able to avoid alienating your potential donors through difficult to use donation campaigns.

2. Compelling Content

You have to give your potential donors a good reason to part with their money. Make a video, post photos or infographics, grip them somehow.

3. Frequent Updates

Imagine: you give money to a cause and then you never hear from the organization about where your money went or if you helped them reach their goal... Lack of updates can destroy your chances of a donor giving again. Provide updates, encourage what more needs to be done, actively involve your donors in the process of reaching your goals.

4. Use Tiered Gifting

By adding donation levels and equating them to a specific result, your donors can effectively envision exactly where their dollars are going. Include tiers as low as $1 so donors know that even a small gift is still helpful. People are likely to give again if they can envision where their money is going.

5. Store Donor Info

Donors want to feel valued. Build a database that stores important information about each of your donors. This way, you future communications with your donors will be tailored, genuine, and engaging.

6. Donor Rewards

Get creative and offer rewards if your organization has the capacity. Rewards could be anything from physical items, 'swag', to digital recognitions, like being tagged on social media, or being credited at the end of a film. Rewards are great incentives for a donor to give and give again.

7. Set Up Monthly Giving

Make sure you offer a monthly giving option. Automated donation payments take the strain off of the donor of going through the donation process every month, making donating easy and pain-free.

8. Give Proof

People want to know that their money has actually gone to the cause they want it to. Show them the direct impact of their gift and you will be more likely to convince them to give again.

9. Tell Them Your Goals

Display your goal amount and post updates - let your supporters be a part of the process. Setting small goals to reach the overall goal is also a good way to motivate donors to give. The smaller the targets the more their donation will impact the whole.

10. Email Marketing

Dive into the world of email marketing. If your donor gives you their email: use it. Keep them updated with email marketing and include them in events and updates as well as big donation pushes, i.e. annual appeal, #GivingTuesday, etc.

11. Learn About Your Donors

Know your audience. What's the demographic of your supporters? If possible, segment further by age, activity on certain social networks, interests, etc. What will appeal to each of those group? The more specific you can get, the more connected the groups will feel with your organization, thus, the more support they will give.

12. Let Them Contact You

Communication works both ways. Allow your donors to reach out to you; add a contact form to your website, include a general organization email address to the bottom of most, if not all, pages and communications. You never know who might be reaching out to donate...

13. Social Media

Social Media allows people to follow your organization, to receive updates, and stay in the know. Build your social media sites intentionally; include key contact information, write a brief yet strong mission statement, link to your donation pages wherever possible. People can easily share your posts and immediately get it in front of hundreds of new eyes in an instant.

14. Security

Ensure the donation process is secure. Security should not only be expected for any payment, but also gives donors peace of mind. Invest in a security software for your fundraising site and make sure your supporters know that you care and invest in their security.

15. Ask

It’s obvious, but the best way to get someone to donate again is to ask!

“A lot of people are so focused on bagging the initial donation they forget that they can ask for more. Worst thing that happens is they say no!” Jordan-Lee Park, fundraising expert at 1day2write and Australia2Write.


So, there you have it. With these 15 strategies, you’ll be locking donations and turning them into repeat donations in no time. The most important thing is to set your organization up in a way that is most conducive to repeat donations.

Give it a try!


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Katrina Hatchett is a lifestyle blogger at Academic Brits. She has been involved in various business projects, where her main aim is to define project problems and propose solutions, as well as to improve overall communication effectiveness. She also writes for Origin Writings, an academic service.



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