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13 Experts on Engaging Young Donors

Posted by Su Sanni on Jul 15, 2015 11:28:00 AM


You won't find a bigger advocate of social media than me. But even I'll admit that it has a tendency to highlight some less than desirable traits in all of us.

Take for example the way we interact with causes and nonprofits on Facebook and Twitter.

All of us are guilty at times in participating in what I like to call "slacktivism." We change our profile picture, use a hashtag, or post a status supporting some cause or social justice campaign. Then when it comes time to make a donation or take a real action for that cause, well...

...I'll get to it later.

Agh! It's terrible! But those micro actions are so easy to take, and it feels so good doing it, we just can't help ourselves.

So how do you take someone from "slack" to "act"?

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Ending Slacktivism: Turning Millennials Into Long-Term Supporters

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Feb 5, 2015 4:16:00 PM

My poor generation, we get such a bad rap. It seems almost weekly that a new viral post makes it way through Facebook about how self-involved, entitled, and lazy we are. With a reputation like that, you might think that philanthropy is the last thing on a Millennial’s mind.

Problem is, none of that is true.

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