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Does Nonprofit Branding Impact Online Fundraising? The Numbers Are In

Posted by Zak Walters on Apr 4, 2017 2:25:00 PM

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Does it really matter?

Absolutely. How significant of a role it plays may surprise you. As much as branding is an art form, it is also a science - the numbers speak for themselves. Let's investigate how big this impact is in terms of bringing in bigger (and more) donations.

We compared two types of donation pages:

Pages with branding customization (white-labeling enabled) vs. ones that didn't.

I hope you're sitting down for this...

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The Best Nonprofits on Snapchat

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Jun 20, 2016 3:42:00 PM

I gotta say, I’m fully hooked on Snapchat.

Like a lot of people, when I first tried Snapchat, I didn’t quite get it. I wrote it off as something that I must just be too old for (oh God no, it’s finally happening!) and didn’t open it for months after that.

But a few months back, I decided to give it another shake.

Now I can’t put it down.

Naturally, I wanted to see how nonprofits were using it, so I started following every single org I could possibly find.

And after a few months of watching their snaps, I’ve come up with what I think are the absolute best nonprofits on Snapchat.

It’s clear these orgs have a well-defined strategy and goals (as you should before diverting resources to a new social media channel). They’re not just snapping just to snap: they’re really delivering value to their audience.

I didn’t throw anyone on this list willy-nilly. In fact, the list was 8 at first, but then I took a hard look at a few and thought “Are they doing something truly creative?”

Simply put: these are the best of the best. At least that I’ve seen.

Here are my 5 favorites, in no particular order:

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The Nonprofit Website Tweak You'd Be Crazy To Not Try

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Jan 25, 2016 5:15:00 PM

The other day, I saw this tweet pop-up on my timeline:

Ah, the age-old debate: should we feature a pop-up ask on our nonprofit website or not? 

I have a problem with this question though. I don’t think it’s the right question to ask.

It’s not whether or not you should have a pop-up ask; it’s what should you be asking for?

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When (and How Often) Should You Email Your Donors?

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Nov 2, 2015 12:50:00 PM

You know how important a healthy email list is for your online fundraising. You’ve been hard at work building an opt-in email list. You’ve avoided the temptation of buying a list. You’re even avoiding the common mistakes that are killing your emails.

But one burning question remains...when, and how often, should you be sending out emails to your donors?

And boy do I wish this was a black and white answer.

Unfortunately, there is not clearly defined “best” time to email. If there were, you’d be getting hundreds of emails from retailers all at once telling you about their new sale. But we do have some data supporting a few options.

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Our Favorite #MuseumSwearJar Tweets

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Sep 4, 2015 12:07:00 PM

We love museums.

But our museum friends have a tough gig. Really just all membership-based nonprofits, including aquariums and zoos. A lot of the time, the public doesn't even realize that they're actual nonprofits, who need funding and supporters just like any other NPO.

Sometimes, as a dedicated nonprofit worker, you just gotta vent.

And that's exactly what went down on Twitter Friday morning with the #MuseumSwearJar hashtag.

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How to Use the New Facebook "Donate Now" Button (Effectively)

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Aug 31, 2015 4:48:00 PM

Did you hear? Facebook is now offering a “Donate Now” button for nonprofits!

All your fundraising problems are over!

Uhhh….not quite.

The move was much heralded in tech journalism, but the reaction in the nonprofit world has been decidedly more “...meh.”

The reasons for such are varied, but a big contributor is the fact that for the last year, nonprofits have seen the usefulness of their Facebook pages severely diminish. Without paying for boosted ads, posts on Facebook rarely see any kind of meaningful reach (even for pages with massive audiences).

Bad news: The “Donate Now” button doesn’t solve that problem. In fact, it might just make it worse.

Good news: There are some ways to use it effectively.

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Is Buying a Nonprofit Email List Smart?

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Aug 24, 2015 12:55:00 PM

I love sports, especially college sports.

There’s something about the on field struggle that athletes engage in that serves as a microcosm for life. Particularly in regards to college athletics, where the on-field play is still raw and unpolished, often marred by mistakes that teams must then respond to and overcome.

One of my favorite figures in college sports history is John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach. Wooden’s teams won an insane 10 national titles in a 12 year span (and to think I got tired of the Miami Heat after winning 2 in a row).

But he is perhaps best known for his wise, timeless quotes that apply to all areas of life, far beyond basketball.

Even all the way to nonprofit email marketing (No kidding!).

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Should Your Nonprofit Hire a Social Media Manager?

Posted by Brooke Binkowski on Aug 20, 2015 4:19:00 PM

The Digital Age has descended on the world like a tidal wave of information, and with it, a whole new set of rules has emerged.

The traditional methods of fundraising and branding have take a backseat to all things social media. It's common to find yourself floundering in unfamiliar waters, feeling like the revolution has passed you by, especially if you're a small nonprofit.

This may have you weighing your options: Should you hire a social media or email expert?

The answer is – well, maybe.

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5 Membership-Based Nonprofits Rocking Their Social Media

Posted by Su Sanni on May 28, 2015 4:00:00 PM

Membership-based nonprofits face a unique set of fundraising and marketing challenges that other nonprofits don’t typically face.

Namely this: How do you convince someone to be both a member AND a donor?

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