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Our Favorite #MuseumSwearJar Tweets

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Sep 4, 2015 12:43:00 PM

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Museum Swear Jar

We love museums.

But our museum friends have a tough gig. Really just all membership-based nonprofits, including aquariums and zoos. A lot of the time, the public doesn't even realize that they're actual nonprofits, who need funding and supporters just like any other NPO.

Sometimes, as a dedicated nonprofit worker, you just gotta vent.

And that's exactly what went down on Twitter Friday morning with the #MuseumSwearJar hashtag.

It started with this tweet on Wednesday from the #MuseumWorkersSpeak Twitter chat:

From there, it grew into a wonderful commiseration session for museum workers about all the frustrating things they hear on a daily basis at their jobs that they wish could be banned.

In fact, at one point it was the #1 trending topic on Twitter in the U.S.


Dang, museum folks, that's some serious venting!

If you work in the museum space, it's seriously worth a look. But in case you want some highlights, here are some of my favorites:

Social media: it's just free advertising with infinite reach, right?

Donor Acquisition Webinar

(Promptly slams selfie stick into priceless artifact. Complains when items are displayed in glass cases.)

It's like pirate law or something, right?

Mission and ethics be damned!

Describe the art in 140 characters or less please.

You mean...this isn't like a movie theater or something?


Not like attracting an audience in an online world is hard or anything.

Oprah? Is Oprah the right answer?

More technology! MOAR I SAY!

This one can't be real. Oh please, don't let it be real. It's real, isn't it?

That'd be nice, right?

Museums, your friendly neighborhood antique appraiser.

*Sigh*, same.

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