Be Heard! Growing Your Nonprofit's Online Audience

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You know what one of the #1 indicators of online fundraising success is?

The size of a nonprofit's digital audience (i.e. - email list and social media following).

That's why growing your online audience is so important. Whether you've already got a massive online following or you're just getting started, growth matters.

So how do you grow the size of your email list and social media following?

Here's what you can expect:

  • Tips to grow your email and social media following

  • Real-world examples from nonprofits

  • Free tools to help you get started



ernestErnest Barbaric - Ernest Barbaric is a digital marketing strategist who works with values-driven organizations and entrepreneurs, to help them build online authority, increase qualified inbound traffic, improve conversions and develop brand awareness – all through digital marketing. His writing has been featured in Mashable, Forbes, Canadian Business, Social Media Today, The Financial Post, USA Today and Alberta Venture, amongst others

Andrew_profile_picAndrew Littlefield - Andrew Littlefield is a fundraising marketer for WeDidIt. He spends entirely too much time thinking about online fundraising and how organizations can fundraise better using online tools. Thankfully, Andrew has a healthy outlet for all those thoughts: the WeDidIt Fundraising Blog! That's where he helps fundraisers do their jobs even better by making helpful resources like blog posts, downloadable books, and webinars like this one.