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Marketing Tips for Nonprofit Fundraisers - Build and Leverage Your Email List

Posted by Zak Walters on May 2, 2017 10:05:00 AM

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Two statistics that I found interesting last week:

  • Online giving is seeing rapid growth, over 130% from 2014 to 2015.
    • It's not very likely to slow down anytime soon.
  • Online gifts are 1/4 the size of offline gifts.

Knowing that online gifts are 75% less than offline ones shouldn't scare you. Why? Because you know it's happening, you can prepare for the storm. Here's how you can make sure you're the one with an umbrella and a poncho:

Fundraisers are worried about online giving because 25% of an offline gift naturally implies you'll now have to do 4x the work - not to mention your strength is fundraising, not internet marketing. Plot twist. What if it's actually easier and cheaper?

Think about it, that is the impact the internet has and will continue to make on almost everything, ever.

Why would fundraising be any different?

Here are 3 Marketing Tips You can Start Working Towards Implementing in your Development Plan:

1.) Step Up your Email Marketing Game

According to the report by thirdspacestudio, the average $ earned per email subscriber for non-profits is $24.

A common saying is that e-mail is a form of digital currency. It's the first step to building your relationship with new online donors. Think about it like a handshake.

The reason why this is so important is because email provides the best ROI compared to any other marketing channel. Secondly, it's reliable. Your list is your digital asset and you're not at the mercy of the channel itself, unlike being on Facebook or Google. They ultimately determine who really sees your messaging.

Building an email list is your key to knowing, tracking, and communicating with your donors. Combine all three and you'll see significant results.

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2.) Finding New Donors for your Email List

Facebook Advertising. It works.

Surprisingly, Facebook Advertising is extremely affordable and targeting options are hyper-specific. That's a winning combo for almost any organization.

In case you haven't noticed, Facebook's algorithm continues to make it difficult for organizations and communities to reach even their most dedicated followers - the people who liked their page! Thanks Mark.

However, here's the cool part. Since Facebook knows your followers already like your page, it's really cheap to advertise to them.

"Wait Zak - I thought I want to be reaching new donors not the same ones!"

Start an engagement campaign. If you share a really powerful and emotional story it's likely your audience will share it. Donors love hearing from other donors. People trust their friends. When they share, you'll get them to like your page and you add their network to your potential reach for your next campaign!

You can see serious results even for small budget of $15-20. Boost a post and try it out yourself.

Pro-tip: Local non-profit? Use geo-location targeting to get in front of a local audience within X miles of your desired location. Include the name of your general location (city/town) in your advertising copy for higher engagements!

Another tip: Optimize your website <link Sumo> to prompt users for email collection. That way, even if you don't receive a donation, you'll be able to re-connect with them in the future and learn more about them.

3.) Build the Relationship Over Time, Then Make Your Ask

If you're unsure of your copy and the goal of the emails you're sending, a good rule of thumb is to read this article:

When and How Often Should You Email Your Donors

Here are some quick tips:

  • Never solicit a donation immediately after you collect an email.
  • Personalize your conversation by using merge tags from your email service provider.
  • Use donor data to segment groups.
  • Define these segments internally.
  • Start small, even just a few dollars. Then grow.
  • Your goal should be $12/year per email list subscriber. Remember, the average is $24!

When sending someone to a donation or campaign page, make sure you maximize your results with a page that is structured for high conversion rates.

Don't have one? Reach out to us at WeDidIt! On average, our users see an increase in fundraising by over 30%.

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