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Fundraising in the Digital Era [Video]

Posted by Logan Montone on Jun 6, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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Like Tacos and Fundraising?

Well, nonprofit leaders in Buffalo, NY sure do! And the seminar we hosted on "Fundraising in the Digital Era" a few weeks ago was the place to be! From breakfast tacos to digital fundraising tips and tactics, it was an absolute blast. Don't worry, we got the whole thing on video for you. Although, you'll have to come visit us if you want the tacos.

Okay, I'm officially hungry. But let's try and focus on the fundraising strategies you can learn and use from our video of the event!

Our Cinco de Mayo started off with a BANG!


Watch Full Seminar Now

A few weeks ago, we hosted an early morning breakfast with nonprofit leaders in Buffalo, New York, which has been our new home for the last six months. Being a new business in town, we wanted to take the extra effort to connect with our local nonprofit friends. After all, Buffalo is the city of good neighbors. 

As the team excitedly scurried around putting the finishing touches on the event, people started pouring in the doors. Soon, the entire room was filled with the friendly faces of Buffalo’s nonprofit leaders. Whether it was because of the fresh Undergrounds Coffee that was brewed or the Lloyd’s breakfast tacos being served, everyone was excited, chatting, laughing, and ready with pen, paper, and eager ears.

Time for Kick-off

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Ben Lamson, WeDidIt co-founder, began our discussion on fundraising in the digital era by introducing the idea that fundraising is really nothing more than ‘friend-raising’. As many leaders of nonprofit organizations know, the nonprofit world, more than any other, benefits from the emotional bonds it creates with others. Every nonprofit tells a story, every story pulls on the heartstrings of someone, somewhere. This means that the more people you reach and to whom you tell your story, the more likely that the people most affected by your story will give their support.

With the ever-increasing number of nonprofits popping up throughout the nation, as well as the ever-changing trends in social media, Ben discussed the importance of how and where we should be focusing our fundraising efforts. With time being our most valuable, yet limited, resource in this idea-driven economy, it is especially important that we are focused on, and attentive to, creating a user experience for our donors that is as efficient as possible.

“Ben certainly made me think (and laugh) when he said that he doesn’t even know where his checkbook is”, said Nancy Montone, Director of Advancement at Explore & More Children’s Museum. “The museum’s hard copy annual appeal letters will certainly be lost on him and probably his entire generation.”

Ben wasted no time diving right into new ideas about why using sales tactics and a business mentality is extremely beneficial to a nonprofit’s success. While most do not love the idea of sales, the practices used can be game-changing for an organization’s growth.

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“We need to stop pretending like fundraising is different than sales, because in a lot of ways it’s really, really not.” - Ben Lamson

But we don't want to spoil it all! We'll let the event speak for itself...

Check out the Recorded Seminar

This fundraising seminar was given in Buffalo to the leaders of Western New York’s nonprofit sector. However, the ideas and best practices discussed are applicable to any and all organizations looking to master fundraising in the digital era, no matter where you're from!

What you’ll learn in the video:

  • What is meant by ‘friend-raising’ & how to make donating as easy as possible for donors
  • Why successful nonprofits understand that fundraising and sales go hand-in-hand
  • Best practices for fundraising in the digital era, such as, when to include a video in your campaign and the importance of maintaining the message throughout the donation process
  • Plus, an interesting case study involving an embroidered captain’s hat and $50k check

Watch Full Seminar Now

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