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3 Tips to Grow your Facebook Page and Reach Individual Donors

Posted by Zak Walters on Jun 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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Your Facebook Page acts as a platform for current donors and potential donors to connect with your organization. Globally, people spend more than 50 minutes per day on Facebook. That's a lot of opportunity to get your organization in front of new people, which is especially important if you're trying to improve individual donations.

Using Facebook to improve your communication and reach individual donors is free, powerful, and it works. Here are 3 tips you can use and why it's so important to start using them:

Your Organization's Number of Online Contacts Limits What You Can Hope To Raise Online

We say it all the time, and in many ways, Fundraising is a lot like selling. People who sell view Facebook as an additional distribution platform - and you should think of it the same way. Growing your social media following is a lot like building and leveraging your email list. You're increasing the amount of online contacts you have. Why is this important? According to the individual donor benchmark report, the amount you hope to raise online is restricted by the amount of online contacts you have, but you don't even need a report to tell you that. You can't ask for a donation from people you can't reach. 

So what are a few ways you can start growing your following today?

Create Facebook Events

Does your organization host in-person events? Whether it's to raise money, provide a service, or to rally around a cause - start making your events on Facebook.

  • Facebook will use their algorithmic magic to automatically find and tell people about your event if they're nearby and potentially interested in attending - especially if they're friends are.
  • When someone attends your event on Facebook (or is planning to), it will share that information with their friends.
  • People planning on attending will receive notifications for reminders related to the event, which will improve overall event attendance.

If you really want to make an impact, have a give-away for event attendees but make liking your page a requirement. This will incentivize them to do so and since they're already attending your event, it's something they wouldn't mind doing.

Fundraising at an in-person event? WeDidIt is mobile-friendly, allowing you to raise money wherever you host your event!

Create Engaging Posts

Engaging posts are ones that receive many reactions, shares, or comments. The more engaging a post is, the more Facebook will identify it as being important, further improving your organic reach. Plain and simple, doing this will help you get your content in front of more people.

Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you're creating your next post:

  • Anytime you are creating a Facebook post that mentions someone, a group of people, or even another organization - always tag them. When people are tagged in your posts, they're more likely to share your post with their friends and followers - improving the reach of your post.
  • When you're creating and posting content on Facebook always remember that imagery or video always trumps plain text. Posts that have a visual element to them in addition to text almost always have higher engagements.
  • Running a contest? Make liking your page and sharing the post a requirement. This alone is an extremely effective approach for generating new page likes and will eventually put your organic reach in the 5-figure range.

Create a Peer-to-Peer Campaign

P2P campaigns marry the outreach potential of social media with the power of online fundraising. Having others fundraise for you and really "own" the cause as their own is the best approach we consistently see organizations get the most results from - both Page Likes and Individual Contributions.

See how the Autism Alliance of Michigan exceeded their fundraising goal by 234% by launching a P2P campaign.

If you want to increase online individual contributions and improve your presence on social media, peer-to-peer campaigns are the answer. They continuously see success because you get the best of both worlds of both online fundraising and social media. They work together so well for many organizations and have the potential to do the same for yours - you just need the platform to do it.

WeDidIt can help you reach your goals with P2P campaigns, just like we've done for other leading nonprofits who trust our platform.

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