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Selfies, Beer, & Wrestling: How 3 Museums Captured The Elusive Young Professional Crowd

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Feb 1, 2016 10:00:00 AM

There’s a creature spoken about in hushed tones by those in the museum and membership-based nonprofit world…

Some say it’s a myth…

Others SWEAR they’ve seen it with their own eyes before…

Still other laugh and claim it’s just an urban legend…

It is...the Young Professional.

Yes, that most elusive and desired of members: Young! Hip! Connected! Disposable income! Professional! Ripe for stewardship that will make them an ardent supporter of your organization for years to come.

Typically, art and history museums draw an older crowd, but many recognize the need to diversify their audience and bring in young professionals. While they may not be major donors (or even members) for several years, building a relationship early on will pay dividends down the road.

To hear some people describe this demographic, you’d think they actually were talking about magical unicorns. And just like those mythical ponies, seeing is believing.

Look no further, you disbelieving museum-workers. Here are some organization who’ve brought in the young professional crowd using some creative events that you’ll want to glean inspiration from.

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Millennial Millionaires: What Your Youngest Major Gift Donors Want

Posted by Rory Green on Jul 9, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Editorial note: Today's blog comes from guest blogger Rory Green. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rory!

In 2013 millennial billionaire Mark Zuckerberg gave $1 billion to charity.

One. Billion. Dollars.


He’s 31 years old.

Traditionally major gift donors are much older. Their kids are out of university and they have the time and resources to focus on their community.

Yet many millennials are bucking this trend and giving big gifts at young ages.

I have a prediction – more and more millennials are going to be giving major gifts in the years to come. And we need to be ready for it and understand what they want!

So, what do they want? 

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