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Music for Fundraisers, Be Heard! [#FridayFundraiserJams]

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Aug 21, 2015 10:21:43 AM

Happy Friday, fundraisers! Time for some Friday fun!

Next Thursday is our Be Heard! webinar, which will look at how to grow an online audience for your nonprofit.

So today's #FridayFundraiserJams is all about fame! Sit back, put on your headphones, and enjoy some tunes about being heard.

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Our guest presenter Ernest Barbaric has provided us with some contributions, what you got for us Ernest?

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Music for Fundraisers, Young Donor Edition [#FridayFundraiserJams]

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Jul 17, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Happy Friday, fundraisers! Time to cut loose a little bit.

We're under 2 weeks away from our next webinar, From Slack to Act! Converting Clicks to Cash in 3 Steps
This webinar will be looking at how to engage young people who love getting engaged in social good causes online, and turning that online activism into real-world actions.

In honor of that, this week's #FridayFundraiserJams is all about being young! 

We've got some guest contributors to the playlist this week from our webinar co-presenters, Rory Green and Maeve Strathy!

Rory! What you got for the playlist?

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Music for Data Loving Fundraisers [#FridayFundraiserJams]

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on May 15, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Happy Friday! Let's have some fun, shall we?

We've been talking all about data-crunching this month, and sometimes all those numbers and spreadsheets can make your head spin.

If you need a little help with your data-driven focus, check out this free playlist of songs about numbers/technology for data-driven fundraisers!

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