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The Top Private Charitable Foundations in Your State

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Aug 1, 2016 10:00:00 AM

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Private charitable foundations.

To the general public, they’re just those names they hear read off at the end of their favorite NPR show.

But to nonprofit development workers, they’re a valuable source of funding and support.

Many of these foundations pay out millions of dollars a year to deserving nonprofit organizations. Often times, the causes they support align with the values of the wealthy individual who founded them (even if he or she has long since passed).

So who are the biggest players in private foundations near you? I put together this handy spreadsheet breaking down the largest foundations by state, along with how much they distributed in the form of grants for the latest calendar year available (2014 for most).

Take a look to see who’s near you!


All organizations were sourced using the NTEE code T22 for “Private Independent Foundations.” To find the largest in each state, foundations were organized by yearly income amount. Finally, “Distributions” was defined using Line 4 of Part XII in each organization’s 990 form.


Largest Foundation (by income): David And Lucile Packard Foundation (California)

Largest Annual Distribution: The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation (Nebraska)


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