Download the P2P Survival Kit and dive into fundraising with confidence. 

The Kit includes:

  • Hitting Your Personal Fundraising Goal, a short guide for volunteer fundraisers
  • Dialing For Donations, a short guide to solicitation phone calls for volunteer fundraisers
  • My Fundraisers Spreadsheet, a simple prospect tracking tool for volunteer fundraisers
  • P2P Checklist, a list of everything you need to cover before launch.
  • The Crowdfunding Calculator, a tool that will tell you how much traffic you'll need to drive to your campaign to meet your goal.
  • P2P 30-Day Fundraising Schedule, to help you plan out your promotion strategy.
  • Peer Fundraiser Email Templates, sample emails to send to your supporters.

Use these tools to not just meet, but BEAT your fundraising goals!