Track and Grade Job Candidates

hiring_a_major_gift_officer_toolInterviewing job candidates can be tough! Comparing different candidates when they've interviewed days apart, deciding which skills are the most important to look for, and keeping track of all the resumes, phone numbers, and emails.

The Major Gifts Officer Interview Grader makes it easy!


  • Automatically calculates weighted scores, based on the skills YOU decide on
  • Organizes candidate information like contact info, name, resume, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Automatically ranks candidates based on their scores
  • and more!



Enter the skills you're looking for in a candidate, ranked from 1 to 10.
Enter a score of 1 - 10 for each skill as you interview candidates. A weighted score is automatically tabulated and displayed prominently for you to reference.
A live updating ranking on the summary page shows you how all the candidates you've interviewed so far stack up.