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Download These Insanely Helpful Phone Call Tools for Fundraisers

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Jun 22, 2015 10:00:00 AM

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Major gift fundraisers spend a lot of time on the phone. Thanking donors, scheduling meetings with donors, cultivating donors, dialing, dialing, dialing…

There’s lots of great advice out there in the fundraising world on making better phone calls. How to listen. What to say.

But often times, you just need a tool. Something simple that makes your life easier on the phone.

Put down the phone for a minute and rejoice, fundraisers! I’ve curated a list of insanely great apps and websites that will make your phone life easier.


We’ve all been there. You pick up the phone, dial the number of a donor from a recent appeal, ready to give them a sincere thank you, then you glance at the name… do you pronounce that? *CLICK* allows anyone to submit name pronunications, complete with phenetical spelling and recordings. Type in the name in question, and voila! No more embarrassing stumbling over a name.

2. Humin

I find the contacts/phonebook app to be one of the most poorly designed and frustrating apps that come preloaded on my phone. It’s hard to find people, it takes too long to add new people (who wants to awkwardly type in a bunch of information while you’re meeting someone new? Ugh.), and much of the information contained doesn’t give me a whole lot of context about the person I need to call.

Humin seeks to fix all of that. When you type someone’s email address or phone number, it automatically fills out the rest of the contact (complete with picture!) to save you the typing. It will even show common connection points to get your conversation really rolling.

Best of all, you can search for contacts in all sorts of creative ways. If you type in “Met last week” or “Lives in New York,” Humin will pull up everyone who meets that criteria. Too cool!

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3. CallTag

Donors don’t like surprises, right? You should be transparent with your intentions when communicating with donors, whether in person, over email, or on the phone.

CallTag is like an email subject line for phone calls. Tag your call with the topic you intend to speak about, and the receiver sees that on their end with the caller ID. No more surprises or awkward excuses; if they’re not ready to talk about that, you both know it from the start.

4. PhoneDock

When you make phone calls all day, your phone starts to feel a little cumbersome. Typing, dialing, looking up numbers, dead batteries, what a pain.

PhoneDock lets you make phone calls through your computer. All the information from your phone with the functionality of your laptop.

5. Yallo

Yallo does a whole lot of cool things for your phone. Tag calls with a subject, call via wifi, and best of all record phone calls for future use. You can even forward recorded calls to someone else to share!

6. Google Voice

Google Voice is another one of those tools that has a million and a half useful features, but there’s one tool that rules them all: voicemail transcription.

I hate voicemail. I’d so much rather get a text explaining what you need rather than a 2 minute long explanation that I have to waste time listening to. Voicemail transcription solves this problem for you!

7. Later

Later is a barebones reminder app. It does one thing and one thing well.

Need a reminder to call a donor to wish them a happy birthday or ask about their recent trip? Later lets you set that reminder with just 2 taps. 3x faster than iCal.

8. Shake

On the road but need to send over a legal document to be signed? Shake lets you do that all from your phone! Both parties can sign the document on their phone and send it back for approval. That’ll speed things up.

9. Checky

With all these fun apps, you might find yourself spending a little too much time on your phone. Checky tracks how many times you’ve checked your phone in a day and let’s you know. The truth might hurt...

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