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Millennial Millionaires: What Your Youngest Major Gift Donors Want

Posted by Rory Green on Jul 9, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Editorial note: Today's blog comes from guest blogger Rory Green. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rory!

In 2013 millennial billionaire Mark Zuckerberg gave $1 billion to charity.

One. Billion. Dollars.


He’s 31 years old.

Traditionally major gift donors are much older. Their kids are out of university and they have the time and resources to focus on their community.

Yet many millennials are bucking this trend and giving big gifts at young ages.

I have a prediction – more and more millennials are going to be giving major gifts in the years to come. And we need to be ready for it and understand what they want!

So, what do they want? 

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