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7 Questions to Ask Before Making a Software Decision for Your Nonprofit Organization

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Oct 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM

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Editorial note: This article originally appeared on the TechSoup Blog, written by our own Andrew Littlefield.

I'll never forget how nervous I was when buying a car for the first time on my own.

I had done mountains of research. You name it, I read about it.

And yet I still found myself tossing and turning the night before the big decision, wondering if I was making the right choice. Maybe I should just forget the whole thing and try to squeeze a few more years out of my old Volkswagen (who really needs air conditioning anyway?).

Making a multi-thousand dollar purchase is intimidating!

It's even more intimidating for nonprofits, especially when it's your name on the dotted line making the call to spend money. How can you be sure you're making a good decision?

The best thing you can do is ask the right questions of the right people.

Here are the questions you need to ask to avoid buyer's remorse...

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