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Why Non-Profits Buy Software

Posted by Mark Shreve on Mar 28, 2014 10:24:00 AM

Software Advice recently released their 2014 Nonprofit Software BuyerView report, which elucidates some of the reasons why nonprofits choose to use and buy software.

The study identified one overwhelming motivation for why nonprofits purchase software – to increase their efficiency. 51% of the organizations surveyed stated that they used software to make their work smoother and their business more organized, and this is reassuring for the WeDidIt team to hear.

Our software is all about making fundraising projects and processes simpler and more effective for our clients, and it’s encouraging that the research indicates this is what nonprofits want too. In addition, 96% of organizations which were picky about application deployment preferred that their applications be deployed online, instead of on-premises. This is good news for WeDidIt because our software and mobile app make it possible for fundraising to be done completely through the cloud, no on-premise processing necessary.

This study helps validate the decisions we’ve made while crafting our software, and gives us further insights into what nonprofits need and want. Software Advice determined that 52% of software buyers request fundraising and donor management, which makes WeDidIt an important player in the nonprofit software field. In addition to our mobile app and fundraising technology, we offer interactive fundraising coaching and a Client Success team, which guides our clients through their fundraising journey. These statistics have convinced us, and hopefully you, that WeDidIt is worth an investment!

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