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Having fun outside of work (Story Series Part #2)

Posted by Su Sanni on Jan 23, 2014 7:15:28 AM

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Having fun as a team. This goal is much easier said than done. Nonetheless, building a strong company culture can pay major dividends as you grow from a group of entrepreneurs, to a startup team to a full-blown company over the course of a few years. At WeDidIt, we support and celebrate the interests of our team members as part of our company culture. Fortunately, sports, music, film, hacking and creative arts are easy themes to get behind. Here's a look at some of the characters that made up the WeDidIt team (circa summer 2012).

Check out "Having fun outside of work" as Part #2 of the WeDidIt Story Series below. And stay tuned for Part #3 and other installments by following WeDidIt on Twitter, Facebook and through the blog for updates.


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