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How to Develop a Fundraising Video

Posted by alexmcdowell27 on Dec 5, 2013 1:10:58 PM

We continually stress the importance of media, particularly video, in any successful online fundraising campaign. It’s the most shared content on the web and the most engaging. For anyone who needs help creating a video for their organization, we have your solution, CreatorUp!

Started by film school grads, CreatorUp! gives online lessons on every aspect of video creation. We became friends with their team over the summer, so we’re excited to announce that their latest web series deals with how to develop a fundraising video for nonprofits.

Check out the fundraising video series here.

To receive a 100% discount on the video series, use the coupon code below:


The series includes lessons on:


Developing a script

Asking for donations

CreatorUp! is an awesome company and the group behind it knows their stuff. Check it out!

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