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How do I get Volunteer Fundraisers?

Posted by Mark Shreve on Sep 20, 2013 9:58:14 AM

At WeDidIt we are always looking for ways to work with more non-profits and engage more people in the crowd-funding process, it’s just our thing. That is why we came up with the Volunteer Fundraiser program. We first needed to find out what non-profits needed in volunteers and in what capacity a volunteer could help fundraise. After several weeks of reaching out to different non-profits of various sizes, we have come to some basic conclusions about what a Volunteer Fundraiser program can look like.

Firstly, we’ve found that generally non-profits are comfortable with having a volunteer help them fundraise, and many have tried it before. So far, so good. One issue however, is the capabilities of the volunteer and their relationship to the non-profit. At WeDidIt, we know that a successful crowdfunding campaign takes a certain degree of planning, social media know-how, and pinpoint messaging. These are things that a volunteer MUST have and for the most part, non-profits don’t have people like that hanging around, ready to launch a campaign at a moments notice.

Our solution of training capable volunteers and matching them with non-profits that need help, is if I do say so myself, a brilliant one. However in talking to some of our own clients, we repeatedly heard that in order for the volunteer to be trusted with social media access and the organizations messaging, they would need to be a person that already has a working relationship with the non-profit and a deep knowledge of it activities.

So we asked: “Where do you find your volunteers currently?”. Many of them replied that it was a combination of word-of-mouth and friends-of-friends type of thing. With this in mind, we are now working with organizations to recruit their own trusted volunteers, which we can then give the proper training to. And for those that don’t have volunteers on-hand to receive training...well you’re in luck because we have also been targeting capable people to act as Volunteer Fundraisers for organizations that need help. Essentially our approach is two-fold: If the non-profit has a volunteer, we will train them and grow them into a beautiful crowd-funding expert. And if the non-profit needs some help, well we just happen to be actively recruiting volunteers to save the day. Pretty sweet, right?

Because we’re still building out our network of Volunteer Fundraisers, we’re always looking for ways to improve and expand. The more questions and suggestions you can send our way, the more we can learn about what will make the program successful - so please get after it in the comments!


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