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Posted by Mark Shreve on Aug 23, 2013 9:00:42 AM

For the past two years, WeDidIt has been working hands-on with nearly every non-profit that launches a campaign on our site. The results have spoken for themselves - we have a 90% success rate on our all-or-nothing campaigns (compared to 45% on other industry players like Kickstarter & IndieGoGo) and a $145 average donation size (once again, twice that of the industry standard). By working directly with the organizations on our platform, we've learned how to develop, launch, manage and analyze non-profit crowdfunding campaigns, and have become experts in the field.

As we continue to grow, it's important to impart our knowledge onto more nonprofit crowdfunding experts so that all organizations - no matter their size or operating budget - can launch engaging, successful crowdfunding campaigns with somebody who knows what they're doing to guide them along the way. This is why we're beginning our Volunteer Fundraiser Program. The initiative is two-fold:

1. For nonprofits - You will be able to launch a campaign on WeDidIt's free crowdfunding platform with the help and coaching of a volunteer fundraiser trained by the WeDidIt crowdfunding experts. They will help you plan, develop, launch, manage & assess your campaign. This is great if you're short on staff and financial resources. You'll now have access to your own volunteer fundraiser, and through them, all of the expertise, knowledge & technology the WeDidIt team has built will be yours.

2. For Volunteer Fundraisers - You will have access to the WeDidIt experts to help train and guide you through the nonprofit crowdfunding experience. It's a great opportunity to learn how crowdfunding works and get real-world experience helping non-profits raise funds and pursue their missions. Some of the skills you'll gain in this experience include social media marketing, fundraising, campaign management, communications/promotion, creative media production, and how to be awesome and do GOOD at the same time. If agreed, you may be able to earn compensation on larger campaigns where you are instrumental to the organization's success.

Both nonprofits and volunteer fundraisers will gain the knowledge of how to tackle fundraising, donor engagement and online fundraising with 21st century tools.


  1. Can this get us new donors & new donor information? Yes.
  2. Do I need to pay WeDidIt to become a volunteer fundraiser? Nope - education & mentoring are free.
  3. Is crowdfunding a good fit for my organization? Yes. Whether you've got a massive email list or got approved for your 501(c)3 yesterday, your volunteer fundraiser will help you design a campaign that's right for your mission and your organization. Keep in mind that crowdfunding captures donor info & data, not just donor dollars.
  4. What exactly do we get from the volunteer fundraiser? This may vary depending on your organization's needs, but you can expect your volunteer to help you draft/edit your appeals and messaging, promote via Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, manage your campaign's progress and follow up with your donors or prospective supporters. For folks who who need more help, your volunteer may be able to shoot & edit your call-to-action video, manage your campaign's scheduled outreach according to a promotional plan, as well as fundraise on your behalf from their own networks.
  5. What are the associated fees? When your campaign launches on the WeDidIt platform, the regular fees (industry standard) apply: 5% WeDidIt processing fee; 2.9% transaction fee + 30 cents per credit card charged.
  6. Do volunteers expect a monetary compensation? No, not traditionally, but this is case-by-case and agreed upon by both the volunteer fundraiser & the non-profit. While volunteers are mostly interested in a rewarding, educational experience that fits their career or personal goals, we recommend some sort of compensation as a token of gratitude. Especially if your organization needs A LOT of help, you can ensure your volunteer is dedicated to your campaign's success by rewarding them accordingly.
  7. What additional help can I get from WeDidIt? WeDidIt also offers premium features/service on a subscription basis. These include our mobile app if your organization fundraises in-person or at events, dedicated support from the WeDidIt experts, white labeled WeDidIt software to launch campaigns directly on your website, and the WeDidIt analytics dashboard to better understand what content on your Facebook, Twitter and email is driving the most donations. For more info, contact Nick Maroun (VP Business Development, WeDidIt).

We will be publishing an ongoing series of blog posts about the volunteer fundraiser program as it progresses. For now, please leave any questions you have in the comments below, or feel free to email me (Mark Shreve - Director of Client Success, WeDidIt). We're looking forward to hearing from you!


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