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Intro to the WeDidIt Artist Series

Posted by Mark Shreve on May 24, 2013 8:44:48 AM


The WeDidIt team are all music-heads: Ben is a guitar super-geek, I majored in music in college and play drums & guitar, Nick's best-of-Brooklyn-hipster-but-don't-call-him-a-hipster playlists kept us going from the earliest days of the company, and before WeDidIt, Su (along with Dean, the first artist in this series) was the co-founder of a music production studio in Harlem. In fact, in its pre-infancy, WeDidIt was originally a platform for musicians to crowdfund called SoMuchBuzz (we pivoted). Naturally, it's always been a goal of ours to incorporate music, the music industry as well as the artists we love into what we're doing at WeDidIt.

We've also always sought to be media-heavy and incorporate video production into as many aspects of the company and our mission as possible. When we partnered with 4 talented videographers last summer to do video work, we saw the opportunity to incorporate our desire to promote the artists we love, make quality video content, and express the similarities we see between what musicians strive to accomplish and what nonprofits strive to accomplish. The result is what we call our Artist Series.

The music & nonprofit industries are extremely similar. They're large, competitive, have millions of talented individuals with very similar goals all vying for the largest soapbox and purest message. Above all, they both take time, dedication and passion in order to truly make a difference. At the very core of both the artist's and the nonprofit's pursuit is the challenge of convincing their audience that what they're trying to accomplish is worth supporting, whether that be through concert tickets or gala tickets, album sales or membership dues, microphones or call-to-action videos. Both the artist and the nonprofit see a gap in the world that they can fill by building something around their vision. They're intrinsically linked in this way.

We'll be showcasing the first artist in our series next week. For now, we're introducing the series by highlighting the WeDidIt ethos. We believe WeDidIt, along with the nonprofits and artists we currently work with and look forward to working with in the future, all share its philosphy.


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