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The WeDidIt Ethos

Posted by Mark Shreve on Mar 15, 2013 9:14:45 AM


The WeDidIt Ethos

The monuments of success rise around us.

But they stand alone; remote and idle. Monoliths to a single person, corporation, idea.

They may represent pillars of success, and progress, but true success comes from the many: the supports holding our bridges, rails, and near infinite wires and cables that make possible the transfer of people, goods, and information.

Networks of molecules connect the networks of our brains. Our societies, and life itself is not composed of single trees, but webs, both physical and virtual. It is these networks that catalyze change from the seeds of ideas, and calls them to action across the farthest reaches of the world faster than we ever dreamed possible.

Though human cruelty may be unparalleled, so is its altruism.

We cannot all be geniuses, driven humanitarians, or gifted artists, but within each of us is a desire to do good, to better our lives and our community, and even the smallest kindness, a helping hand from a stranger, can make all the difference.

Connectivity is our generation’s great gift to posterity.

To our children we leave the possibility to create networks across every kind of border.

We hold in our hands instruments that harness the strength of these networks, enabling one person to make a difference a world away.

Together, we unite those who want to spearhead a cause, and those who want to help.

We are problem solvers. Thinkers. Observers. Together, we will be game changers.

We will change the environment, the arts, politics, and most of all, each other.

And together, we can say that we did it.

Video courtesy of Luke Delahanty.

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