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Rock on: Fun(draising) with Dick & Jane

Posted by Mark Shreve on Jan 11, 2013 9:09:41 AM

Seven months ago we got a facebook message out of the blue from the Executive Director of a Columbus, OH-based non-profit who had found our Story Video on YouTube. Naturally, we were ecstatic that our video was gaining a wider audience and that its message was clear enough that the people and organizations we wanted to help were hearing us and reaching out.

The Dick & Jane Project (D&J) "helps students, teachers and communities discover the unique power and perspective that lives within the written work of young people" by hosting workshops where middle school students work with professional musicians to write radio-ready songs. The students provide the lyrics, and the musicians write and record the music. They've had some awesome results so far (check out 'Photoshynthesis'). The WeDidIt team are all musicians and music fans, so from day one D&J has been an organization we're passionate about working with.

D&J's Executive Director, Ben Shinaberry, has been working with us closely for the past few months to get their campaign up and running. It's live right now. The Dick and Jane Project: Expanding the Classroom is raising $15,000 to fund cross-school partnerships and collaborations for the next generation of songwriting workshops. It's a big fundraiser for a big cause, and highlights one of my favorite things about D&J - they're ambitious. Having spoken with Ben over the past few months, I've been consistently impressed with their ability to achieve the goals they've set as an organization and continually set bigger ones for the road ahead. This campaign in particular promotes a cause that I'm very personally invested in: music education.

Needless to say, we're passionate about D&J raising the money the need for their workshop. We've all personally donated and want to truly encourage you to do the same.

Check out the campaign page by hitting the link. Watch the video. Donate. The Dick and Jane Project: Expanding the Classroom.


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