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The Value of Photography

Posted by Mark Shreve on Dec 7, 2012 9:04:53 AM

Building identity as a company is impossible to do without paying attention to visual aesthetics. Logos, color themes, font choices...these are all important. Perhaps it’s because Instagram has turned our facebook feeds into a well-documented, sepia-soaked play-by-play of our friends’ culinary escapades, but we seem desensatized to the impact and importance of quality photo content (this isn’t to say we’re not all on Instagram though). Photography can offer intimacy and insight to the people that comprise a company, the imagery they identify with and the aesthetics they choose to represent them. Putting a face/faces on the company also help build trust, loyalty and provide transparency - some of the biggest/most loved companies in the world make sure that their CEOs are the face and voice of the company. These images can be so powerful that they become iconic. In short, it pays to utilize photography to let people know what your company is about. Check out a couple examples:

We wanted to curate photos that would let people know more about us as people, as well as create some imagery to demonstrate the causes that we’re passionate about. To do so, we enlisted the help of a friend and excellent photographer, George Evan. To get our personalities and the personality of the company to come across, he took us down to the waterfront in Dumbo, Brooklyn (right between the Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges) to snap the photos that will comprise our ‘About Us’ page on the new site.

We’re also working with George on an ongoing basis to help us curate photography that will be appearing across the new site & platform, as well as our social media channels. We don’t want to give away too much too soon, so to give you a teaser here’s one of my favorites that won’t make the final cut, but deserves some appreciation nonetheless (George took the picture, I handled the captioning). Our goal is to collect images that inspire and unite people and organizations, as well as show how much we’re fans of the art of photography and support our friends in the artistic community. Below are some of the images from our morning with George. Roll over to our facebook page, where there’s an ongoing caption competition for each photo (but especially Nick’s, #bluesteel #supersuperdreamy).


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