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Why is online video content so important?

Posted by Mark Shreve on Nov 16, 2012 11:58:06 AM


1. Video is one of the most consumed content online.

In fact, Comscore reported that your average online viewer watched 22 hours of online content per month. Most of these 22 hours were likely spent watching watching brief video clips that cater to the short attention span of today's online audience. Whether it's a funny video about someone's cat or a graphic video that explains a new mobile app, online video is easy to create, upload and share; providing people, companies and causes with a cheap and effective channel of communication.

2. People don't like to read, but they like to watch videos.

A study by Implix showed that video emails increase the click through rate by 96%. We've all done this, you open an email and are hit in the face with a block of text, you skim a few lines and move on. This can be avoided by attaching a brief but interesting video that gets across the same information just in a format that is easy to digest. Also, you have just given the viewer something they are more likely to share than a simple email, which brings me to my next point.

3. Videos are the most shared content on the web.

500 years of YouTube video is watched on Facebook every day, and there are 500 Tweets per minute that contain a YouTube link. This not only enforces the fact that people watch a ton of video online, but also presents us with something more interesting: people love to share what they watch with their friends. This means if you can create content that people like, they will help you in expanding your reach, because when people find something they love, they want to share it with the people they love.

The benefits of video are numerous. You can cheaply shoot and upload an informative video, then disperse it through a number of channels without spending a dime. Compare this to pay for play television advertising, not only did you have to front the cost of video production, but you also had to pay if you wanted people to watch it. With the advent of social video sharing, you can create low cost, informative, and engaging video content that viewers will share with each other, lowering your cost, and increasing your exposure.

Organizational controversy aside, here is an example of a nonprofit that scored big with a viral video is Kony 2012, shown below, currently numbering over 93 million views on youtube.


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