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Founders Group Spotlight: One Job Per Child

Posted by Mark Shreve on Oct 12, 2012 3:40:23 PM

This week we’re pleased to share a guest blog post from Kristin Laus at One Job Per Child, an awesome organization with a unique mission. Now we’ll hand the mic to Kristin…


Beginning in 2006, Karl Hartley, the founder of OneJobPerChild began to see the opportunities in outsourcing labor components of his existing real estate practice. He quickly became aware that the early adopters of this were simply seeking to lower labor costs, treating Virtual Assistants as expendable, cheap labor. Karl realized this myopic approach was missing the very greatest asset presented to an employer: the infinite capacity of the human mind and how it might better one’s own business.

Karl found that his Virtual Assistants possessed amazing talent to problem solve as well as to create better systems and standards of work. Above all, he found that the younger employees with NO prior experience produced the best results. How was this even possible? Was it because someone took a chance on them? Because of their age were they simply more open to learn online technology? While he never found an exact answer to this question, one thing became abundantly clear: the intellectual capacity and drive of these kids was mind-blowing.

Karl realized there was an amazing commodity value in something heretofore deemed worthless from a financial standpoint. Instead of “Look at all those poor, starving, helpless people with flies on their faces”, it became “My gosh, look at this amazing pool of untapped potential and infinite intellectual resources!”

This marked the birth of OneJobPerChild.

OneJobPerChild students (aged 12-18) will be paired with a mentor and will begin learning English, Skype and the Google platform (Google Drive, Calendar, Gmail, Google+, etc), all while being paid to complete their modules. Having successfully completed these modules, the student will then choose a high demand online job and complete the necessary training (while being paid) to become qualified to perform it. The student is then able to work online, earning more than 200% of the wage in his/her local community, taking him/her out of poverty forever.

OneJobPerChild can track a student’s progress online in real-time so the mentors can keep track of how the student is doing. Our donors can also see exactly how far their donation is going and how far their student has come. We even have a poverty line which (while morbid) is exciting when you see a student break above that and never fall below it again.

After years of testing the platform in limited areas of Afghanistan and the Philippines, OneJobPerChild is ready to launch in an expanded area including Bolivia, Mexico and Peru. We intend to license our platform to Non-Governmental Organizations to enable them to use the program in their already established relationships in third world countries. This will also enable us to expand and reach even more communities.

We are an online nonprofit and are excited about the possibilities in online crowdfunding and raising awareness through social media. We have used online crowdsourcing sites to get ideas and get volunteer assistance. It’s great to get feedback from different people all around the world and not be limited to our own personal contacts. We’re tackling a worldwide problem and we value the brilliance that people all over the world can share with us.

We’re excited to work with WeDidIt because they, too, are just starting out and it seemed like a good match. At OneJobPerChild we are educating young people to become entrepreneurs and we wanted to support other entrepreneurs like those at WeDidIt.

We think the future of fundraising for nonprofits is crowdfunding. Members of our management team have been involved with nonprofits before and have seen firsthand how the old-school fundraising methods have been a drain on both the employees’ and the boards’ time and energy. We want to work with our students and not be obsessed with the next fundraising event or mailing campaign. “Christian begging” isn’t what we want to do. We are of the opinion that only the nonprofits who do online fundraising will be the ones to survive in the future.

OneJobPerChild is also a radical departure from other nonprofits because our platform tracks the students progress, so donors can see for themselves, online and in real-time, what a difference their donations are making in a student’s life and watch a student’s income increase. This approach removes the barriers from the donors to the recipients and the donors know their money isn’t being thrown into some black hole, which makes the donor feel good, helps the student and, hopefully, encourages the donor to continue giving. Our program is self-sustaining and is able to continue without additional assistance from donors. We certainly ask for continued donations, but it’s not to ensure the survival of the program, rather to facilitate its global outreach.

Be sure to like us on facebook, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to make a donation!

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