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Ladies & Gentlemen, Presenting...Presentations

Posted by Mark Shreve on Oct 5, 2012 2:44:00 PM

From the beginning, WeDidIt has been a software and consulting company. Crowdfunding is a new - and to some an unfamiliar - fundraising model for non-profits; and understandably, not everyone is a crowdfunding expert. That’s where WeDidIt comes in; we’re crowdfunding experts. We’ve worked hands on with every single campaign we’ve launched so far - WeDidIt acts as an extension of your team. We believe that our hands-on approach to our clients is why we’ve seen so many of them succeed (91% of our clients reach or exceed their goal, as opposed to Kickstarter’s 45%…a little backdoor bragging). Currently we are working on ways to expand our ability to help nonprofits reach a wider audience in their crowdfunding campaigns. To do this, we’re consolidating our knowledge & experience into materials that everybody can read & watch to give them the tools and resources they need to develop, launch & promote their own successful crowdfunding campaigns. To do this, we recently ran two events: an online webinar and an in-person presentation.

Webinars can be a great way to do a presentation for a geographically dispersed audience and (barring any technical issues like loss of internet connection) you can record them, so the entire audience experience can be saved and disseminated to people who couldn’t attend the live presentation. They also allow you to address questions on the spot. For all those interested, you can check out the content of our webinar on developing, launching & promoting a crowdfunding campaign here: Script, Slides.

Even more effective than webinars are in-person events. Smiles and handshakes can do things emails and conference calls only ever dreamed about. Free beer and pizza help too (thank you Brooklyn Brewery & Two Boots). Our own Ben Lamson & Su Sanni gave a fantastic presentation on the crowdfunding industry, how and why campaigns succeed or fail, and how WeDidIt is bringing it all to non-profits. Event planning can be difficult and nerve-wracking, but when you plan and execute properly, there’s really no substitute. They’re also not as difficult as you think. For those of you based in metropolitan areas, there are probably more free or cheap solutions to party-throwing that you didn’t realize.

The awesome people at New York’s Wix Lounge offer a free co-working space that we were able to rent out (for free) and even promoted the event for us. We also got promotion through BeSocialChange, DoGoodBuyUs, and our relevant MeetUp groups. The turnout we got was outstanding - it really proved to us that people do help people, and that former interns/current college students really can eat a whole pizza. Organizations like these exist all over the country, and more often than not are putting people with common goals under the same roof to gather knowledge and business cards for free, or for a nominal cover charge. And giving them beer & pizza.

We also had our video crew there filming the entire shebang, so expect documentation in the near future.


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