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Posted by Mark Shreve on Jul 18, 2012 6:39:00 PM

I started WeDidIt because I am a passionate believer in crowdfunding. My previous career as a social media consultant helped me understand the idea of empowering your supporters and creating discussions through social media engagement. Future generations will take it for granted that you can go on the Zappos Facebook page, lodge a complaint and get a thoughtful response. I’m far from a dinosaur, but I too grew up in an era of waiting on hold for the next available operator. When the economy crashed, the nonprofit clients I worked with were hit really hard. Anyone whose passionate enough to work at a nonprofit knows that fundraising and development is like the lifeblood of the organization. So to lose an expected grant or corporate sponsorship can be devastating. In short, funding sources were drying up and their organizations were suffering.

Through my involvement with a side project that involved launching Kickstarter campaigns, I eventually realized that the success Kickstarter was having with creative/artistic-types could be applied to nonprofits. I thought…crowdfunding would not only help nonprofits raise the funds they needed, but it would also increase their social media presence and their donor engagement. The bottom line: crowdfunding is not just about the funds raised, but also about making sure the crowd has fun doing it.


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