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What an Inspiring Campaign Video Should Look Like

Posted by Mark Shreve on May 5, 2012 2:49:00 PM

The most important part of a campaign video is having a strong call to action. Getting across all the relevant information about your organization is important, but the video will be pointless if the viewer isn’t inspired - or doesn’t know what the next steps are - to get involved and help out. If your goal is to get the viewer to donate, the next steps are easy to outline. Actually inspiring them to donate is where you will need to create a compelling message.

Here are two videos that do a good job of inspiring their viewers.


The first video is the Holstee manifesto. Holstee is a company that promotes “lifestyle design with a conscious”. Their manifesto is so inspiring it has gone viral, with over 600,000 views on YouTube. The call to action here is pretty amazing because it is vague enough so that it can apply to anyone. What the video lacks is a clear direction for what you should do next. Since Holstee is a company that doesn’t promote consumerism, it makes sense that their manifesto’s intention is to simply inspire you to live your life rather than to get you to buy something.


The second video manages to combine inspiration and call-to-action. The message of the video can resonate with a wide range of audiences because everyone, rich or poor, has struggles in their everyday life. Appealing to the struggles we all face allows the video to drive home its message. The message - or call to action - is simple and clear.

Both these videos did a great job of portraying their message with imagery, voice over and music. In doing so they were able to appeal to the viewer, increasing the likelihood that their call to action will be heeded. This applies directly to a crowdfunding video. Your goal should be to create a video that inspires the viewer and tugs at their emotions. In doing so, you are much more likely to get the viewer to take the next step and make a donation.


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