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Did I Just Learn How to Shoot and Edit a Video in 4 Hours?

Posted by Mark Shreve on Apr 19, 2012 5:27:00 PM

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Almost every smartphone comes equipped with a video camera these days, and most computers come with video editing software. The question is, just how easy is it to turn a video shot on an iPhone or other camera into a short movie? I decided to start messing around in iMovie to see if I could create a short movie with video I shot on my phone in one day.

Having never edited a movie before, I consider myself a true novice. I started by familiarizing myself with my iPhone’s video camera. Though it is just point and shoot, I did a little research and found some tips that helped me get the most out of my iPhone. (Keep the shots short - 10 sec., zoom with your feet - never zoom during a shot, always go wide with the view - never shoot in portrait mode, always in landscape.)

Shooting the video: With Mark’s help, we made up a rough script before we began shooting. For each clip we used our imagination to come up with a funny or interesting way to get our message across. When we finished shooting, I emailed the clips to myself and downloaded them to my computer. (I used email because I tend not to trust hitting the “Sync” button in iTunes after accidentally erasing my phone a few times).

Editing the video: My biggest fear was learning iMovie. Luckily, this fear was completely unfounded. Mark had some experience with iMovie so he gave me a brief 20 minute tutorial. iMovie is surprisingly intuitive and easy to learn. There are tons of tutorials out there on Youtube. I even learned a little GarageBand for editing the music in our video.

We got the basic video edited and completed in about 3 hours. The whole process actually took a little bit longer once we discovered sound effects and other fun features in iMovie. We decided to add a few effects but actually learned a lot of useful tricks from just playing around in iMovie. My conclusion is that editing and shooting your own movie is a lot easier than one may think.


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