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First Class Tickets

Posted by Mark Shreve on Apr 5, 2012 1:39:00 PM

Sitting at my college graduation ceremony, I had one thought on my mind - I couldn’t believe I had worked 4 years for a degree that I had no idea what to do with. As is rare in situations like this, the answer to my question came from one of the speakers at my graduation. He told a short analogy that really hit home for me and has stuck with me ever since.

In my own words, here is the story he told:

“Back in the days of stagecoach travel, there were three classes of tickets. First class passengers were allowed to remain seated if the coach got stuck or ran into trouble. Second class passengers could be asked to get out of their seats if the coach got stuck. Third class passengers not only had to give up their seats if the coach got stuck, but they also had to help dig the coach out of ditches or push if it got stuck on a hill.

Sitting here today, you may think that your first class education entitles you to a first class ride through the stagecoach of life. You are wrong. Your degree is really a third class ticket. This means that when there is trouble, you have to be the one to get out and help.”

Getting an education, making a lot of money, living a comfortable life, these are not justifications to take it easy and enjoy the fruits of your labor/luck. These blessings are a call to action to help those that are not as fortunate as you. This is what drives WeDidIt and also what drives the Nonprofits that we work with. Our goal is to empower those who want to give back. This is how we at WeDidIt hope to make a difference in the world, by getting out and pushing when things start getting rough.


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