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Meet SuSanni the Tsunami

Posted by Mark Shreve on Mar 23, 2012 2:44:00 PM

Hey everybody, I’m Su. Yup, a boy named Su (a little Johnny Cash reference for you youngsters). Hailing from NYC - I was born and raised in Brooklyn and spent several years living in Queens and Manhattan. Although I’m a city boy in just about every sense, I’ve been fortunate enough to go to school in beautiful Santa Barbara, California and attend university at Boston College. I actually played football at BC (Go Eagles!), so as you can imagine…I’m very competitive and a BIG sports fan. In just about every sport, my favorite team is usually whoever won the championship the previous year. Yeah yeah I know…Loyalty shmoyalty ;) JK

When I’m not thinking about the future of fundraising, I’m usually catching up with friends/family or enjoying the local music scene here in NYC. I love supporting local artists, and my iPod playlists consists of primarily of rap and hip hop (I take my morning coffee with a little Andre 3K on the side). I’ve recently spent time visiting family in Nigeria and exploring Dubai but am looking forward to traveling more in the coming years.


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