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What makes a fundraising campaign compelling?

Posted by Mark Shreve on Feb 8, 2012 4:51:08 PM

When launching a fundraising campaign, what really motivates people to make donations is always a topic of discussion. Lets end the speculation and look at the hard facts.

Here are motivating factors and the percentage of donors who listed them as important.

85% - Compelling mission or cause

56% - Personal connection or trust in leadership of organization

52% - Friend or peer endorsement

35% - Face to face meeting with staff or board

12% - Compelling video

Lets take a look at these statistics and analyze what that means for your fundraising campaign. With a compelling video coming in last place and your compelling mission or cause coming in first, we can surely say that what you are saying is a lot more important than how you say it. This point is hammered home with trust in the leadership of an organization coming placing second. Lets be clear on what this means. If you have a great mission and you are an open and honest organization, you don’t need a compelling video. Instead focus on your image and relationships with previous and future donors. Its a lot easier it is to break someone’s trust than to earn it, so be honest and thankful to those who already believe in your cause. Trustworthiness isn’t something you can convey, only something you can build. Keep this in mind when dealing with all your clients and donors, and your fundraising efforts should be easier.


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