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Fundraising in the new Millenium Part 1/2

Posted by Mark Shreve on Jan 23, 2012 12:36:00 PM

It’s 2012 - which means it’s time to answer the B-movie question: “Will machines one day take over the planet?” The answer is a definitive yes. From cell phones to checkout counters, no one can dispute that “skynet has become self-aware” and computers now rule our lives. Example? People text and email while driving their car. Aside from allowing you to text while driving, these machines are not here to destroy us. Rather, they are here to make our lives easier. The hard part is understanding how to use these tools to work efficiently for you. Let’s look at fundraising in the new Millenium. Do people want to make donations online? And if so, how do you find and engage these donors?

Let’s do a quick review of the Millenial Donors’ Study, a survey on donors between the ages of 20-35 and my source for this article. The study found that the majority of donors gave to a charitable organization through traditional routes - checks, raffles, private solicitations, charitable organizations’ websites, etc. Interestingly, those who gave online scored a much lower percentage. However, the respondents also suggested that they prefer to give through online tools. The message? People ages 20-35 want to give online, but organizations haven’t caught on to the technology of making online giving lucrative!

Thus, if donation based organizations want to reach out to the next generation of donors, they will have to evolve their methodology. Does this mean traditional fundraising is dead? No, not at all. Online giving is simply another tool to add to your fundraising arsenal and to diversify your resources. Part 2 will go over some added benefits to online fundraising.


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