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10 Genius Last-Minute Gifts for Your Favorite Fundraiser

Posted by Andrew Littlefield on Dec 21, 2015 10:00:00 AM

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Uh oh. It’s Monday. Christmas is Friday. And you’ve still got some friends in the office you need gifts for.

But what do you get the fundraiser who has it all?

Relax, we’ve got your back. Here are a few last minute gifts you can pick up that any fundraiser will love:


1. Thank You Card Stationary

You can never have too many thank you cards laying around, especially if you’re a fundraiser. Help your favorite development worker show some #DonorLove with a nice set of thank you cards! You can grab a nice set from Target for cheap, or maybe a fancy handmade set off of Etsy.


Enter our #DonorLove Holiday Giveaway and you could be one of three people who win a set of two $20 giftcards. Keep one for yourself, and give the other to a donor!


2. Coffee That Does Good

End of the year giving can drain anyone of their energy, so coffee is always a great gift for fundraisers. But why just get any old coffee when you could get “great coffee doing good”? Check out Aspire CoffeeWorks, a really cool initiative from the Chicago-based nonprofit Aspire. Aspire works to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities, and part of that is helping adults with developmental disabilities get jobs. One way they do that? By roasting their own coffee! CoffeeWorks gives individuals a place to work and earn a paycheck, and the proceeds go back to job training programs run by Aspire. How cool is that?

3. External Cell Phone Battery

Fundraisers can be frequently out on the road visiting prospects and using their phone all day long. If you don’t have access to an outlet, your poor cell phone battery might not make it to lunch. That’s what makes an external cell phone battery so handy!

I love this one from Anker. At just $10, it’s a great deal. It’ll power up your battery quickly, it’s light, and easy to carry around. It comes in handy on long days!

4. Fancy Bath Stuff

When you’re dealing with the stress of the nonprofit world, sometimes you need to treat yo-self. What better way to do that with some fancy spa stuff? Head on over to a store like Lush and buy some fancy bath soaps and such. Give your fundraisers an excuse to relax!

By the way, if you want some help with that, we just so happen to be giving away $40 worth of Lush giftcards!

5. Custom Return Address Labels

If they already have a big stack of thank you cards on their desk, hook up your favorite fundraiser with some cool return address labels! Not only will this save them a ton of time with writing out their own address, but they can be a great personal touch on letters, especially if it includes a fun picture. I get mine through!

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6. Travel Club Memberships

If your major gift fundraisers are always on the road visiting prospects, why not make their trips more comfortable by paying for a premium membership to their favorite hotel, airline, or car rental company? By paying simple annual fee, they can enjoy the nice lounge at an airport with and priority boarding, or special perks at a big hotel chain. It’s those little splurges that can really make a work trip more comfortable.

7. WiFi Hotspot

So these can be a bit on the expensive side (with a data plan), but there’s nothing worse than being somewhere and not having any wifi, or the wifi is slow, or you have to pay a ridiculous $10 for 30 minutes of access. Hotspots solve all those problems!

8. Thank You Card From Some of The People They Helped

We always talk about the importance of thanking donors, but how about the people who facilitated all those donations? Collect some stories from the people your organization works hard to help, and put them together in a nice hand-written thank you card thanking them for their work. This will show them the impact of the work they do every day. What could be better than that?

Shout out to Imogen Tinkler from the Fundraising Chat Facebook group for this great idea!

9. Vocal Care Kit

Fundraisers find themselves talking. A lot. Phone calls, coffee meetings, presentations, all that starts to take a toll on your poor vocal cords! Make that special fundraiser in your life feel loved by giving them a vocal care kit. Here are some things to throw in there:

10. Professional Organization Membership

Membership to an organization like AFP, NTEN, or YNPN can be a great way to spoil a fundraiser! Each organization offers great benefits like conference discounts and special events to their members. Who doesn't love furthering their training as a fundraising master?

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I took this question to the Fundraising Chat Facebook group to source some ideas. While many of these may not be too achievable (at least the week before Christmas ;) ), they were pretty entertaining.




Thanks everyone!

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